SAP ERP/Financials

SAP® ERP Financials (accessible under the header "Accounting" in the main menu) enable an enterprise to:[1]

  • Perform accounting and financial close, to comply with statutory reporting requirements
  • Manage financial risk within the organization
  • Measure and manage financial performance of various business units
  • Handle receivables from customers and payables to vendors
  • Run corporate treasury (perform banking transactions, invest in financial instruments)
  • Calculate, book and settle travel expenses
  • Manage costs and revenues associated with real estate

They are closely integrated with Logistics (especially Material Management and Sales and Distribution), which book their transactions (purchases, sales) online into financial accounting and controlling. It also integrates with Human Resources (posting of salary and other personel expenses).

SAP Financials are divided into the following modules:


  1. Finance solutions -
  2. SAP Library - SAP Financial Supply Chain Management
  3. Introduction to SAP-EIS
  4. SAP SEM on