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Grade 5



In the process of "Shaping" some of the material is removed (taken away). I.e. certain processes are carried out to remove the material. E.g. cutting, filing, sandpapering, grinding, planning, turning, drilling, etc.

You will practice the following PROCESSING SKILLS: Cutting, filing, sandpapering and drilling

You will need:

  • ·A piece of plastic (Perspex, ice-cream tub, milk bottle, etc)
  • Scissors,
  • junior hacksaw,
  • snips,
  • files,
  • hand drill + drill bits,
  • sandpaper

Activity 1


This is an investigation on plastics. 1. Feel and look at the plastics, and share what you notice about each one in your own words.

2. What do you think plastic is made of?

3. Name 4 things that plastic is used for.

Activity 2


This is a communication and a practical activity. We have given you two rectangular shapes below. Do the following:


1. Draw a "geometrical" shape in the first rectangle

2. In the second rectangle draw a "free form" shape.


B: 1. Choose one of the shapes and transfer it to your piece of plastic. (Write down how you are going to do this)

2. Smoothen the cut out shape. (Write down how you are going to do this)

3. Drill a hole wherever you want to on the plastic shape that you have made.

4. Write down 3 things that this "product" you have made can be used for.

Please remember and practice all safety precautions when working with tools and materials.

Author: Averil Nolly

Editor: Osman Sadeck