Rust for the Novice Programmer/CSV Program

Making a Simple CSV Analysis ProgramEdit

In this program, we will learn more about traits, including generics and become more comfortable with programming ideas like collections.

What is CSV?Edit

CSV or comma separated values is a very simple file format for storing data in a file. Essentially as the name suggests it is just values separated with commas. Each line indicates a new set of values. The first line is headers, indicating what each value means. Here's an example to make it clearer:

Let's say we wanted to store video game characters' stats, we could use something like this:
ID,Attack,Defense,Health,Speed 1,10,20,25,5 2,30,10,10,30 3,40,40,10,10 4,10,40,50,5

Thus we would have 4 characters, our first character would have id: 1, attack: 10, defense: 20, health: 25, speed: 5. Our second character would have id: 2, attack: 30, defense: 10, health: 10, speed: 30. etc.

Program specifications:Edit

  • Will parse CSV values from a file and print out some stats about them
  • Will feature simple methods for reading new records
  • Will feature simple methods for writing new records

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