Russian/Vocabulary/Days of the Week

These memory aids aren't true! They're nonsense made up to help you remember the meanings of Russian words.

Days of the Week


Russians don't capitalize days of the week.

день noun day dyehn
A cognate (same word in Russian and English).
сегодня noun today sevódnya
The г here is pronounced as a в. It sounds like "с его дня", which would mean "from his day", if день were an animate noun. But it's not.
понедельник noun Monday ponyedyél'nik
On Mondays we ride our ponies to Nick's deli.
вторник noun Tuesday vtórnik
On Tuesdays we go to the store with Nick.
среда noun Wednesday sryéda
Wednesdays are a good day for shredding.
четверг noun Thursday chetvérg
On Thursdays Chet goes to work.
пятница noun Friday pyátnitsa
"On Fridays we eat pizza on a yacht, neatly.
суббота noun Saturday soobbóta
"On Saturdays Sue goes boating. Also Saturday is the Sabbath. Don't confuse суббота with собакa, that is a dog.
воскресенье noun Sunday voskresén'ye
"There's a cross in the middle of Sunday. It's also the sanest day of the week.
Какой сегодня день? phrase What day is it? Kakóy sevódnya dyen'?