These memory aids aren't true! They're nonsense made up to help you remember the meanings of Russian words.



цвет noun Color Tsvyet
Plural is цвета (colors). Note that цветы means flowers and is a plural form of цветок.
Белый adjective White Byelyj
Russia is too cold to take off your shirt, so Russians have white bellies.
Чёрный adjective Black Chyornyj
Picture scrubbing a floor on your knees. This chore will make your knees black.
Красный adjective Red Krásnyj
When Russians sit with crossed knees you can see their red socks.
Розовый adjective Pink Rózovyj
Russians love roses and love to call people so zovy your roses.
Синий adjective Dark Blue Sínij
You never see Russians' knees because they wear dark blue pants.
Голубой adjective Light Blue Golubój
Голубой also means "gay." Be careful what you describe as galoo boy!
Серый adjective Gray Syéryj
Gray is a serious color.
Жёлтый adjective Yellow Zhóltyj
In Russia, caffeinated soft drinks always come in yellow cans, and they have twice the caffeine of American soft drinks, so anything you drink out of a yellow can will make you jolty.
Зелёный adjective Green Zyelyónyj
Russians love green jello. But they don't call it "jello," rather they call it "zello," at least when it's green.
оранжевый adjective Orange oránzhevyj
Коричневый adjective Brown Koríchnyevyj
Corey reaches no levee next to the brown Mississippi River.

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