Provisional TOC for planning

Future plans of Russian Wikibook (please feel free to add anything you think needs to be done here, or suggest something in the discussion page of this module):

  • Improve Navigation template (maybe a pretty box, like the French Wikibook)
  • Create appendix, including:
    • declinations of nouns and adjectives(in a table, similar to what you would see in the back of a dictionary)
    • declinations of personal pronouns and этот, кто, что, etc...
    • conjugation of verbs
    • Russian-English, English-Russian dictionary
    • index
  • Create a plan for lessons that include grammar, exercises, vocabulary, and dialogue. There are already some good pages on grammar, but I think it would be more useful to explain grammar in lessons, as is necessary to do corresponding exercises. Likewise, dialogues using the grammar just learned would be in each lesson, with a list of vocabulary at the end of the lesson. Any grammar used as a reference (for example, lists of verbs that take instrumental case) could be put in the index. All the grammar pages were written by a native Russian, and are great resources, and should be put in the lessons.
  • once a plan for lessons is created, start making the lessons, and try to recruit help from Russian Wikibooks or Wikipedia
  • list of cognates in appendix