Rueda de Casino/Pelota Loca

Pelota Loca

  • Pronunciation: pay-lOH-ta lOH-cah
  • English: Crazy ball
  • Related commands: Pelota, Enchufa

Summary: video (Media Noche). Enchufa then stamp, clap, stamp, clap, stamp, clap, clap clap


Enchufa then before changing to the next follower, the leader stamps his left foot, then claps, then his left again, claps again, then his left again and claps 3 times. The follower does the same, but using her right foot. Followed by a Dile Que No with the next follower.

Here's a figure to help - S is stamp, C is clap.

    C       C       C    C    C
S       S       S   

This one sounds really good in a large rueda!