Rueda de Casino/Para el Medio

Para el Medio


Summary: Step to the middle of the circle


There are two moves with this name, both danced at different times in the rueda. The first version listed here is at the start of the rueda, when the leaders are facing counter-clockwise. The second version is for the main part of the rueda, when the leaders are facing clockwise.

The call can be shortened slightly to pa' el medio.

From the starting position


Leaders face counter-clockwise, and followers face clockwise, one between each leader. Normal partner hold.

Everybody steps into the middle of the circle with the inside foot, and then closes the other foot to it. Then they step to the edge of the circle with the outside foot, and close the inside foot to it. This happens on beats 1, 3, 5 and 7, so it is slower than most moves.

The idea is to lean into the centre, and out of it, repeatedly. This usually continues until the group is formed and the caller has been decided upon. Also, it is usually not called out, as it is always the start of a rueda.

From the main rueda


Usually called as Enchufa y para el medio.

Enchufa y Dile que no, and then the leaders do mambo basics into and out of the circle, while the followers do the same, but the leaders go into the circle on 1, and the followers on 5. Usually everybody claps twice when they are stepping in.

Other moves from this position: