El Dedo

  • Pronunciation: El dAY-do
  • English: The finger
  • Related commands: En Loji, Montaña

Summary: video (Media Noche). Right-to-right, follower turns right, left, leader turns right, Enchufa then Dile Que No.


From Guapea, instead of pushing, the leader changes to a right-to-right hold, and turns the follower to her right, then an Enchufa, still right-to-right.

He then turns himself to the left, turning his back on the follower, changing hands behind his back, so that he has left-to-right. He then does an Enchufa and Dile Que No.

Throughout the first two turns, the leader is moving clockwise around the follower.

Hand Signal: Raise the little finger of the right hand.

There are some variations:

  • Some leaders will keep right-to-right throughout, taking their right arm above their head.
  • Some leaders will reach to the middle with their right hand, after changing to left-to-right, and all push away from each other in the middle.