Rueda de Casino/Cubano


  • Pronunciation: coo-bAH-noh
  • English: Cuban
  • Related commands: El Dos, Enchufa

Summary: Leaders move side to side in front of followers


From Guapea, the follower does an Enchufa, and the leader moves in front of her, facing the centre of the circle, changing hands so that he has her right hand in his right. He then steps back on his left on 1, while she steps back on her right, and they do basic steps, 'bouncing' in opposite directions for a few bars.

The caller will use one of these two calls:

  • Dame - on 5, the leaders move towards the follower to the right, and continue doing Cubano with the new follower. This is different to the usual Dame.
  • Se Fue - on 1, when the leader is to the right of the follower, he will change hands so that his left holds her right, and give her an Enchufa then Dile Que No.

Typically there will be a couple of Dame calls, then Se Fue.