Rotorcraft Fundamentals

Rotorcraft Fundamentals is designed as a technical manual for applicants who are preparing for their private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certificates with a helicopter or gyroplane class rating. Certificated flight instructors may find this handbook a valuable training aid, since detailed coverage of aerodynamics, flight controls, systems, performance, flight maneuvers, emergencies, and aeronautical decision making is included.

Table of Chapters edit

  1. Introduction to the Helicopter
  2. General Aerodynamics
  3. Aerodynamics of Flight
  4. Helicopter Flight Controls
  5. Helicopter Systems
  6. Helicopter Flight Manual
  7. Weight and Balance
  8. Performance
  9. Basic Flight Maneuvers
  10. Advanced Flight Maneuvers
  11. Helicopter Emergencies
  12. Attitude Instrument Flying
  13. Night Operations
  14. Aeronautical Decision Making
  15. Introduction to the Gyroplane
  16. Aerodynamics of the Gyroplane
  17. Gyroplane Flight Controls
  18. Gyroplane Systems
  19. Gyroplane Flight Manual
  20. Flight Operations
  21. Gyroplane Emergencies

Sources edit

The majority of the text, diagrams, and pictures in this book have been taken from:

[FAA: Rotorcraft] U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Rotorcraft Flying Handbook. Public Domain.

References edit

The authors highly recommend the following reference materials:

Contributors edit

HaugenHaus A large portion of my contribution was to adapt the print version of [FAA: Rotorcraft] to use as a wikibook.