Rope Making for Bondage Use

As the name says, this is a wikibook about rope making for bondage use. Every aspect is welcome and even if shibari-practitioners are more likely to make their own rope, practitioners of western rope bondage should feel welcome as well.

Chapters edit

  1. What is the rope you want?
  2. Materials
  3. Twisting
  4. Stopper Knots
  5. Conditioning
  6. Questions?
  7. Resources

Contributing edit

Are you missing something about rope making here? One good thing about wiki-books is that there is much space in them, so if you think a chapter about rope making machines would be a good thing: make one! You prefer different rope-endings? Describe them! And if you want to know something or want to encourage someone else to write about a particular aspect, you can leave that in the Questions-Chapter!

It is a practical topic and you may contribute based on your own experience, but if there is something to quote: quote! (FetLife is not an acceptable source: there are copyright issues and an account is required for reading.) There also could be a much more comprehensive Resources-Section.