Roman Culture/Images of Minerva

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Minerva of Peace: A mosaic, created by American painter Elihu Vedder, is a representation of the Roman goddess Minerva, titled “Minerva of Peace.” Although her helmet and shield lay on the ground beside her, she holds a double headed spear as a reminder to her enemies of the vigilance she has for the country she protects. As the goddess of learning, she holds a scroll inscribed with several disciplines of learning. The owl, often associated with Minerva, is symbolic of wisdom and the small statue of Nike holds out a laurel wreath for victory and a palm branch for peace. Description source:

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Sulis Minerva: Discovered in 1727, this gold head of the goddess Sulis Minerva was found at a Roman site in Britain. It is slightly larger than life size and was part of a full body statue that stood in a temple beside the Sacred Spring. It may have been crafted in the later part of the first century AD which is also around the time the site was founded meaning that this piece was over three hundred years old before it was damaged. Description source: