Role Playing Games/Overview

Hello! Here is an extensive "Tutorial" of Role Playing games. I cannot call this a tutorial, though, Because it is on Role Playing Games in General. From now on, I will call them RPGs for short. I hope this will help, or at least provide entertainment to people. This will be split into chapters and subsections and updated and/or added to whenever I have the chance. In case you are wondering of my "Web name" you can refer to me as MyFatSon (strange, isn't it). If you are looking for new games to play, or which system to choose, then this is not the wikibook for you. This is about the basis of RPGs, the kinds there are, and how to play them. Most of this will be about video games, but there are parts about Text Adventures, Dungeons and Dragons, and more. I recommend, even if you are a hardened RPG veteran, that you read through the WHOLE wiki and not skip ahead. Thanks, let's move on.