Roblox Game Development

Roblox (not "ROBLOX", which is incorrect, although very common) is a gaming website where the games are created by the users. Roblox games are created with Roblox Studio, Roblox's game creation tool, and use the Roblox engine. Although this tool makes it possible to do very complicated things, it is also easy to use for a beginner. The Roblox game engine uses the Lua programming language, which is simple to learn and to use, powerful and widely used.

Roblox Game Development
An introduction to developing games on the Roblox platform.

The purpose of this book is to teach readers to use the tools and the scripting API Roblox provides so they can be used for game creation. It may be read by anyone who wants to learn to develop games, or by any Roblox user who wishes to be able to do more with Roblox's game development platform.

It is assumed in this book that the reader already knows the Lua programming language. If this is not the case, it can be learned by reading the book Lua Programming. It is expected that most readers of this book will read or will have read that book before reading this book.

Contents edit

This book is divided into the following chapters:

This chapter introduces ROBLOX, gives some history, explains how the website works and describes the ROBLOX studio. Readers who have already used ROBLOX should still read this chapter, as it contains important information.
Game design  
This chapter introduces the reader to effective game design, utilizing features that can specifically be used on ROBLOX.
Game engine  
This chapter explains to the reader how the ROBLOX engine works. It leads the reader to understand how the ROBLOX platform works.
Game code  
This chapter presents to the reader the structure of the ROBLOX API and explains to him how it can be manipulated to make games interactive.

There is a single page version of this book.

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