River Fishing/Introduction

Recreational fishing might be one of the most popular widely intensively studied learning experiences that Americans (and indeed many other nationalities) participate in. According to the American Sportfishing Association nearly 40 million angler generate 45 billion dollars in sales with perhaps an total contribution of 125 billion dollars to the US economy.

A definite portion of this is funneled into guides, magazines, and other learning experiences for the many Americans that seek improvement in the activity of catching a fish on a hook (angling.)

It is then with pleasure that I begin the process of defining one of my most intensive learning effort. I look forward to and hope for collaboration from the many Americans whom have superior knowledge in the recreational activity.

Fishing has so many different forms, waters and specialties. Many I am unfamiliar with. I do though have some knowledge and experience angling for many different kinds of fish in Eastern (US) rivers. Despite the apparent ease of not needing expansive water craft, or the complexities of fly casting and downrigger trolling; river fishing has its own mystique and difficulty. I hope to document some of what I have learned.

If there is any urgent needs for this project, it is definitely for experience in larger waters. Having defined a river, as 'big enough to support a diverse gamefish population', my experiences definitely are with smaller waters than the major rivers of the United States.

Thank you for your curiosity and invite you to ask questions and post comments, questions and content as much as you are able.