River Fishing/Approach

What is an approach? edit

Angling or Fishing overs a dizzying array of possible baits, tools and equipment to catch ones fish. A basic approach is the general technique and equipment one uses. How does on master a given technique or peice of equipment. By seeking other people's advice, gaining experience with it and experimenting with it, noting what works and what doesn't. Probably the biggest single reason fishermen don't progress is that they fail to keep track of what works, when and what they are doing. They have an approach, but they aren't keeping track of is working and what isn't. Thus a basic fishing log is an important first step to gaining more mastery at fishing.

Three fundamental approaches edit

When It comes to fishing, we find (irrespective of species) three major means of fishing using a rod and a hook. There are;

  • Bait fishing; fishing utilizing live or dead baits on a hook.
  • Lure fishing; fishing utilizing hook(s) molded into a small device or lure.
  • Fly fishing; fishing utilizing hook(s) camouflaged by lightweight materials or fly.