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For Your Information

For the duration of your college career, most of the time you will be asked to format you paper using either APA, MLA, or Chicago style. You will also be expected to know and execute basic rules of grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and word choice. Therefore, knowing where you can find resources to complement your writing is vital. For this reason, the following list of external links has been comprised of quality university writing center "handout sections". They are intended for individual, educational purposes only, not for mass distribution. The list does not maintain a sequence of best to worst; it is random.

St. Cloud State University

Purdue University I

Purdue University II

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

San Jose State University

Tidewater Community College

Los Angeles Trade Tech

University of Texas at Austin

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Sam Houston State University

University of New Hampshire

Indiana State University

Medical University of South Carolina

Community College of Rhode Island

Idaho State University

Temple University

University of Illinois at Springfield

Boise State University

Johnson County Community College

Blinn College

Ohio State University

Metropolitan Community College

Harvard University

Collin College

Texas A&M University