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Rexx Programming/Introduction/feature

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The rexx scripting language provides:

  • simple syntax that is easy to read
  • small instruction set containing just two dozen instructions
  • freeform syntax
  • typeless variables
  • character string orientation
  • dynamic data handling
  • no reserved keywords (except in local context)
  • arbitrary numerical precision
  • decimal arithmetic
  • trailing zeros resulting from nonzero arithmetic operations are preserved
  • a selection of builtin functions
  • automatic storage management
  • simple error handling
  • builtin trace and debugging tools
  • crash protection
  • content addressable data structures
  • associative containers
  • straightforward access to system commands and facilities
  • few artificial limitations
  • simplified input and output facilities
  • filename association
  • unconventional operators
  • no nudge operators
  • no compound assignment operators
  • no generic way to include functions and subroutines from external files
  • no integral support for octal notation
  • no integral support for regular expressions