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Rexx Programming/How to Rexx/identifier

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Identifiers are the names used to represent variables, constants, functions and labels within a program.


Identifiers can consist only of alphanumeric and underscore character combinations and some symbolsEdit

As with most programming languages, identifiers can consist of a combination of letters, digits, and underscores, but must not begin with a digit. In rexx, variable names may also contain symbols such as hooks, plings and underscores. Compound variables may also contain dot symbols.

Valid and Invalid IdentifiersEdit

Valid IdentifiersEdit

hi_score lumpsum Apples counter2

Invalid IdentifiersEdit

1st_score Not valid because it begins with a digit postcode# Contains an illegal hash character Incomplete$ Contains an illegal dollar symbol double This is a keyword

Case SensitivityEdit

The rexx interpreter is case insensitive. This means that identifier names and keywords containing lowercase letters are interpreted as being the same as those containing uppercase letters: