Revit User's Manual/Construction Documents

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Elevations edit

After modeling, elevations are not yet presentable. Lines will appear between walls and floors, and grade lines may not appear at the elevations. There are other ways to resolve the appearance of elevations, but please consider the following suggestions:

  • If you are using an exterior cladding, make sure your floor sketch lines are on the outside line of the cladding, not the core.
  • Paint the edge of the floor with the same material as your exterior cladding and then join the floors to the walls. Do not join and then paint, as your lines won't disappear. (If you did this, you can sometimes work around it by joining the walls above and below the floor together, and hitting ok when it warns that the objects do not touch one another.)
  • Elevations looks best with the silhouetting turned on. Go into advance model graphics, and override the silhouette lines to Wide Lines.
  • If you don't like some of the lines silhouetting, you can override them with the linework tool and the <not silhouette> setting.
  • Make sure your pad (which carves out a hole for your building in the terrain) is drawn to the outside of your cladding. This will ensure that a grade line appears on your elevations.

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