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Processing options edit

To process live input, set your audio system (System?Audio + MIDI Settings) so you're getting meter movement on the Toolbar's Audio Input meters when you play, sing, or otherwise run audio into your computer's audio interface, then load an effect by opening an effect ensemble.


To process audio files, open Reaktor's Playerbox (Mac: Command F2—hold “f” key on Powerbooks/PC: Ctrl F2) and click the folder icon on it, which will open any .wav or .aif file, and give you transport and looping controls for playing the file thru any loaded effects ensemble; no additional wire connecting is required. You can access any other audio file in the same folder with the drop-down menu on the Playerbox, and the Playerbox stays loaded when you change to any other effect ensemble, even if it isn't visible (hit command/ctrl F2 again to see it).


To process other Reaktor ensembles/instruments, open the ensemble structure view (hit the toolbar Structure button, or use the contextual menu for the ensemble Ctrl-click [Mac], right-click [PC]) of a source ensemble and select, then delete, the wires from the source to the Audio Out module. Next, insert an effect instrument into the ensemble structure (using the contextual menu or by dragging it from the Browser), wire (or “patch”) the outputs of the source instrument into the inputs of the effect instrument by dragging from the instrument's Out ports to the effect's In ports, then connect the effect Outs to the Audio Out module.


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