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Instruments edit


Instruments (R documents with suffix .ism) are the next level below ensembles, and have a keyboard Icon, both in the structure window and in the Browser. Multiple instruments can be open and linked together within an single ensemble. Instruments can be dragged from the Browser or opened from menus to insert them into the open structure window of any type of object that has a window, which includes Ensembles, other Instruments, and Macros.

Only Instruments and ensembles have snapshots, or presets, and every instrument within an ensemble has its own snapshot selector in the Panel view.


No matter where they are inserted, instruments always have their own panel in the panel view. The two instruments above are collapsed, and will expand to reveal their panel controls when either the View A or B button is selected. Once opened, you can unlock each panel to rearrange its controls as you prefer, and each view can hold a different arrangement of, and different selection of, all available controls. You can also open each instrument panel in its own window, in addition to the ensemble window.

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