RapidSMS Developers Guide



These docs are a few years out of date as of Feb 2012. Please go to http://rapidsms.readthedocs.org for the latest developer documentation.

RapidSMS is a Free Software SMS Applications framework written in Python with Django.

This book is intended to RapidSMS developers or RapidSMS Developers to be.

Since most of the latter have no Python nor Django experience, this book briefly describes those concepts but requires the user to continue with official documentations. Basic Web programming skills are required.


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  1.   Code Structure
  2.   Installation
  3.   Personal Repository
  4.   Running RapidSMS
  5.   Creating a RapidSMS App
  6.   SMS & the Keyworder
  7.   Internationalization
  8.   Coding standards and documentation
  9.   Customizing Admin U.I
  10.   Web Views & Templates