Rail Transport in Las Vegas/Primm, NV

Primm, Nevada is a small unincorporated town located where Interstate 15 crosses the California-Nevada border. The community is home to Terrible's Primm Valley Casino and Resorts, which consists of three hotels: Buffalo Bill's, Whiskey Pete's, and Primm Valley.


All three hotels are currently owned by Herbst Gaming. The entire facility operates as Terrible's Primm Valley Casino and Resorts.

Whiskey Pete'sEdit

This was the first hotel built in Primm, which gradually grew to its current size of 36,400 square feet. Amenities include a large swimming pool, a gift shop, four restaurants, and 777 rooms and suites.

Primm ValleyEdit

Primm Valley Resort was built after Whiskey Pete's, and offers 624 rooms and suites as well as over 1,500 slot machines. Both trams depart from this hotel.

Buffalo Bill'sEdit

Buffalo Bill's is 46,000 square feet large and is home to the Desperado roller coaster, one of the world's fastest and tallest roller coasters. The resort also offers 1,242 guest rooms and suites, a buffalo-shaped swimming pool, and the Star of the Desert Arena, which has 6,500 seats for concerts.


A map of the trams in Primm (click to enlarge) .

Primm has two free trams that, together, connect each of the three hotels:

Tram Guide:Edit

Note: Origin is along the left and destination is along the right. PV-BB = Primm Valley-Buffalo Bill's tram, PV-WP = Primm Valley-Whiskey Pete's tram.

Tram Guide
Buffalo Bill's Primm Valley Whiskey Pete's
Buffalo Bill's N/A PV-BB to Primm Valley PV-BB to Primm Valley, PV-WP to Whiskey Pete's
Primm Valley PV-BB to Buffalo Bill's N/A PV-WP to Whiskey Pete's
Whiskey Pete's PV-WP to Primm Valley, PV-BB to Buffalo Bill's PV-WP to Primm Valley N/A