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One Click Verify is a decentralized open-source information security tool to verify file check-sums against the published check-sums added to the Radium Smart-Chain by software providers. The Smart-Chain acts as an open global repository of all registered Open Source Organizations (OSOs) file check-sums, which are voluntarily published by their respective organizations. This process is intended to help automate the file integrity verification process, thereby providing easy access to PC security best practices and increase end user productivity.

How to use the Radium SmartChain One-Click Verify Application[edit]Edit

To download the One-Click Verify application please visit our Bitcoin Talk Announcement page. There is a working version for Windows and Ubuntu (nautilus being the main requirement), but the Python script should work for any distribution.

1.) First, download the One-Click Verify application for the desired operating system.

One-Click Verify Application downloads are available on the Radium Announcement page on bitcointalk.

2.) Execute the installer and select install on the next window prompt.

Execute the downloaded application
One-Click Verify Installer Confirmation

3.) Select the desired location for the install and confirm it.

Local install location confirmation

4.) When the install is complete you will receive this message.

Successful installation confirmation message

You can now One-Click Verify any file that is published onto the Radium SmartChain.

Verifying a file with One-Click.Edit

(NOTE: To see the functionality in action, simply right click any file available for download on a webpage. Since only Radium software has been published to the SmartChain, to get a positive result you should try to verify the Radium software on the ANN.)

1.) The target file to verify. For this example we will verify the One-Click verify application, since it has been published to the Smart-Chain.

File to verify

2.) Right Click the target file and select "Verify File with SmartChain".

Right-Click file and select verify action

3.) Now you will see the prompt gathering the files' hash and begin to contact the SmartChain servers. You will get one of two possible results.

Contacting SmartChain

Result 1: SmartChain Verification Success!Edit

This shows a successful file checksum verification.

Successful verification of file checksum

Result 2: SmartChain Verification Failed!Edit

This shows an unsuccessful file checksum verification.

Unsuccessful verification of file checksum


At this phase, there is a limited number of files published to the SmartChain so this functionality only produces successful results for organizations that have been vetted and registered with the SmartChain.

Please reach out to someone in the Project Radon Slack Channel with any issues or questions!

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