Radium SmartChain/Record A File

Registered Radium SmartChain users have the ability to publish their files' checksums to the SmartChain, providing their community a fault tolerant, integrity assured solution to safely downloading their shareware.

The SmartChain acts as an open global repository of all registered Open Source Organizations (OSOs) shareware check-sums, which the organizations voluntarily published for their users. This process is intended to somewhat automate the file integrity verification process, there by providing easy access to PC security best practices and end user productivity benefits.

Publishing a File on the SmartChain - Use Case edit

Description: Publishing files requires Radon and Radium of various amounts, depending on the candidate files. For this walkthrough it will be assumed that the reader has already installed the SmartChain and Radium Wallet, as well as, registered a SmartChain username. If you have not, please visit the [Registration Walkthrough] first for a head start.

1.) The first step for publishing a file on the SmartChain is to enter the SmartChain and go to the "Prove Anything" tab from the main SmartChain UI. From there select the "Prove you own a file" button.


2.) A window will pop up, choose the "Select File" button circled below to open up a browser to locate and select the file in question.


3.) Once you select the file and hit the "Open" button on the browser window, you will be presented with a window looking similar to this. At this point the file has been hashed and you should see the confirmations that you see below. Be sure that you selected the correct file, and apply an appropriate File Title, if desired. Then select the "Prove It!" button.


4.) A window will appear confirming the cost of publishing this file to the SmartChain. If you have all of the specifics correct, and accept the costs, select the "Yes" button.


5.) The file will then be compressed, and some other checks will be applied to the details before the file is then sent to the SmartChain as a SmartTransaction.


6.) After the SmartTransaction has received a minimum of 4 confirms, anyone will be able verify the origin of your file, by using [One-Click-Verify] or manually through the [Verify a File] function of the SmartChain

Please reach out to someone in the Project Radon Slack Channel with any issues or questions!

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