Radium SmartChain/Proof of Author

Proof of Author has uses beyond Bitcointalk but this usage scenario is intended as a Smartchain based Proof-of-Developer and uses the Project Radon Smartchain client to secure file downloads from infamous "repost trolls." Terrible Problem: OP Dev Alice posts wallet update on thread Scammer Billy quotes Alice but changes the html in her link Noob Bob downloads Billys link thinking it is Alice's release and Bobs computer becomes infected.

Low Cost Avoidance: OP Dev Alice secures the hash of her github source (likely zipped) and file download links (zipped or unzipped however theyre linked) in the Smartchain using her known registered Smartchain username. OP Dev Alice requests users wishing to run her coin wallet or program to also download the Project Radon One-Click-Verify tool and use it on any downloads posted. OP Dev Alice posts updated files whose hashes have been stored in the Smartchain. Scammer Billy quotes new links and changes the URL to an imposter. Noob Bob downloads nefarious links but runs the Project Radon Smartchain One-Click-Verify tool and notes the files do not belong to Dev Alice. Bob does not run the executables Bob also reports Scammer Billy. Crisis averted, Bobs computer remains safe.

This scenario helps people double check a file they downloaded is from who they intended it to be from. It requires no Radium client or Smartchain client to verify a file so it is easy for the end user. A prospective developer would need to run the clients and accumulate a small amount of Radon tokens to secure hashes in the Radium chain as well as the initial verification of their name.

This scenario will allow you to make sure you get Alice's file but if Alice's file is malicious the Smartchain is not responsible for the content of anything stored within.