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Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Lymphocyte Predominant

  • Lymphocyte-predominant has a different natural history (especially stages I-II) and response to therapy than classical HL.
  • Chemo is not indicated in most early stage cases, and standard is IFRT.
  • LP has best prognosis of HL subtypes, but late recurrences common and long-term followup necessary.

NCCN Guidelines

  • Stage I-IIA: IFRT or regional RT
  • Stage I-IIB w/ B sx's: chemotherapy followed by IFRT
  • Stage III-IVA: chemotherapy +/- RT –OR— observation (cat 2B) –OR— local RT (palliation only) or rituximab
  • Stage III-IVB: chemotherapy +/- RT or rituximab +/- chemo +/- RT


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