Radiation Biology for Physical Scientists

Welcome everyone! If you are a physical scientist interested in the biological effects of ionizing radiation then you just may be in the right place. Additionally, if you are non-specialist in radiation biology looking for a primer then you also may just be in the right place. This book assumes the reader has minimal biology background.

The concepts chosen are adapted from published recommendations by the American Association of Physicist in Medicine (AAPM) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the minimum material that should be covered in a radiation biology course for a medical physicist.

Radiation biology is study of the biological effects of radiation on biological materials.

Contents edit

AAPM Curriculum· IAEA Curriculum
  1.   Radiation Interaction - Physical and Chemical Events
  2.   Radiation Sensitivity of Cells
  3.   Radiation Induced Damage and Repair
  4.   Cell Response to Radiation Mutagenesis
  5.   Mathematics of Radiation Biology
  6.   Imaging Tumour Physiology

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  • Javian Malcolm - (Javian Malcolm) | Duke Medical Physics, Durham, NC - I like this project because it gives me a chance to explain radiation biology in the way that I finally understood
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