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How to backup/mirror this wikibook? edit

Just in case this website is down, how to download a backup of this wiki book?

How to set up a mirror wiki website containing the wikibook of ROSE?

Maintain the print version edit

It is possible that new chapters are added but they are not reflected in the one-page print version. So periodical synchronization is needed by including more chapters or re-arranging their order in the one-page print version.


  • A print version is similar to a source file with included contents, each included chapter will have a first level of heading
  • Because the first level heading (=) is used by the print version page to include all chapters, all included pages/chapters should NOT contain any first level heading.

With the basic understanding of how this work, you can now edit the print version's wiki page:

More at: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Help:Print_versions

Maintain the better pdf file edit

The pdf version automatically generated from the print version page is rudimentary. It has no table of content and pagination etc.

So we used a manual process to generate better pdf file. We need to occasionally repeat this process to have a up-to-date and better pdf file.

Here are the manual steps:

  • Use your web browser to open and save the print version to your own computer as "web page complete"
  • use the HTML-compatible word processor of your choice to open the html file, convert html to a format the word processor, and add paginate the book.
    • In Microsoft Word, this can done by
      • opening the saved HTML file
      • saving it to a word file
      • adding table of content by selecting Insert > Field > Index and Tables > TOC or Preferences-> Table of contents for Word 2012 or later.
      • adding page numbers to the footer
      • save it to a pdf file with a name like ROSE_Compiler_Framework.pdf
      • upload to wikibooks

To add a link to your wikibook page, insert

{{PDF version|pdf file name without .pdf|size kb, number pages|file description}}

For example

{{PDF version|ROSE_Compiler_Framework|840 kb, 48 pages|ROSE_Compiler_Framework}}

More background about pdf verions: at: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Help:Print_versions

Documentation Alternatives edit

1. Google Docs: comments, different output formats, easy collaboration 2. AsciiDoc