RHIT MA113/Vectors

Vectors 3D Calculus


Scalars vs VectorsEdit

Scalars are numbers, or quantities which represent numbers, such as  

Vectors are composed of a direction and a magnitude, or multiple scalar components, such as   The magnitude of a vector is found with the Pythagorean theorem,  

Vector MultiplicationEdit

Vector-Scalar MultiplicationEdit

When a vector is multiplied by a scalar, each component of the vector is multiplied by the scalar, such as  

Dot ProductEdit

a depiction of the relationship between the angle  , the vectors   and  , and the dot product  

The Dot Product (or Scalar Product) of two vectors is given by  . The dot product is equal to the cosine of the angle between the vectors, multiplied by the product of their magnitudes, and therefore the angle between the vectors can easily be calculated using  

Cross ProductEdit

A depiction of the cross product of vectors   and  .

The Cross Product of two vectors results in another vector, normal to both initial vectors. The magnitude of the cross product is equal to the area of the parallelogram formed by the two vectors, or