RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Squid ISO Caching

Squid Proxy Server is used for caching files needed for RAC Attack so users don't need to wait for ISO downloads at events. Caching the ISOs does not violate any legality issues because the user still needs to login to Oracle and go through normal process of downloading files.

  • The Squid version must be 2.7. The parameter being used for caching is only available in this version.
  • Windows and Linux have both been tested. Since Squid can be run on either, it doesn't really matter.
  • The instructions assume an installation directly on the c:\ drive
  • The rewrite script is written in Python. If Python is not installed, download and installed it from the Python website.
  • The config files are on the Github site for RAC Attack. You'll need:
    • squid.conf
    • rewrite.py

Server Configuration

  • Server IP
  • Install DHCP, File Service, Remote Desktop and IIS roles
  • DHCP configuration
    • Address pool - 200
    • Domain racattack-local.org
    • Delete DNS relay
  • Install 7zip
  • Install Python 3.x in c:\