RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Common Overview

RAC Attack is a free curriculum and platform for hands-on learning labs related to Oracle RAC (cluster database). We believe that the best way to learn about RAC is with a lot of hands-on experience. This curriculum has been used by individuals at home and by instructors in classes since 2008.

The original contributors were Jeremy Schneider, Dan Norris and Parto Jalili. The handbook was published at http://www.ardentperf.com for several years before its migration to this wikibook. All RAC Attack content was released under the CC-BY-SA license in May 2011 when this project was initiated.

To learn about upcoming RAC Attack events or to organize one yourself, visit the Events page. You can use the shortcut http://racattack.org/events to access this page at any time.

The goal of this workbook is to help students learn about Oracle RAC cluster databases through guided examples. It can be used by organizers of events, by instructors in classes or by individuals at home.

RAC Attack differs in depth from other tutorials currently available.

  • Every keystroke and mouse click is carefully documented here.
  • The process is covered from the very beginning to the very end - from the very first installation of the Virtual Hypervisor on your laptop to various experiments on your running cluster database... with everything in between.
  • The labs in the main workbook have been tested thoroughly and repeatedly.