Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/Survey

QW Question Mark.jpg How can I use Question Writer to create a survey?

It is easy to create a survey type questionnaire using Question Writer, using either multiple choice;

QW3 Survey Multiple choice.jpg


QW3 Survey True false.jpg

or Essay type questions;

QW Essay.jpg

If you want to use the questionnaire to measure overall satisfaction numerically you could also use Partial Credit questions with variable scoring, eg

QW3 Survey Partial credit.jpg

In the Quiz set up you need to

  1. Set feedback to “No Question Feedback”
  2. Untick Display Points Value for Questions in General Question Properties
  3. Disable the Display Report page
  4. Enter an appropriate message in End of Quiz

QW3 Survey End of quiz.jpg

As with all Question Writer quizzes, the results can be sent to Question Writer Tracker and then downloaded to Excel if you want to do further analysis.