Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/QWTracker

QW Question Mark.jpg What is Question Writer Tracker?

Question Writer Tracker is a free service from Question Writer. All users of Question Writer can register for the Question Writer Tracker service and use it to track and analyze the results for all your quizzes. By selecting to 'Send Results Via Website to E-mail' the quiz takers score and responses will, by default, be recorded and stored by the Question Writer Tracker system. You can select to turn this off if required. Question Writer Tracker also provides 100mb free webspace where you can upload your quizzes with a single click.

For more information on Question Writer read the Save and Publish chapter of this manual, and especially Results.   There is also a lot of information on Question Writer Tracker in our Blog [1] - you can easily find relevant articles by entering Question Writer Tracker in the blog search box.