Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/Preview

QW Question Mark.jpg Why is it that when I try to preview my quiz I only see one question?

When you press the preview button, you will get a preview of whatever you have got selected. If you just want to see how one question will appear when published, click on that question in the left hand pane (1) and then click on the preview button (2).

QW3 Preview.jpg

Question Writer caches older previews of questions and quizzes separately - updating a preview of a question will not update the preview of the whole quiz.

To preview the whole quiz, select the quiz by clicking on the green Quiz icon in the top left,(3) and then click preview.

Another point to note is that running the preview is not the same as publishing the quiz. The preview will show you how the quiz will look when it is published, but in order for the quiz to be read and used by other people you will need to Publish your Quiz.