Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/Number of Questions

QW Question Mark.jpg What is the maximum number of questions I can have in a quiz?

You can have up to 100 questions with question feedback or 200 questions without question feedback in a quiz. Having too many questions in a quiz will slow down the performance and may cause unexpected problems with the quiz.

If you need more questions - a good idea is to split the quiz into parts of around 100 questions each and link each part automatically by adding a URL to the After Quiz option in Quiz Options - Web Settings. You can either do this invisibly or you can add some explanation and give the quiz taker the opportunity to have a comfort break - by adding some text into Finished Quiz Screen Text in Quiz Options - Other Labels.

This problem can also be overcome using Pages. You can have up to 200 pages in a quiz and those pages can have multiple questions per page. We don't recommend a quiz that large though! However you'll find for a 100 question quiz, it is usually better to have a quiz of 20 pages with 5 questions each for performance reasons.