Question Writer Manual/About Questions/Fill in the Blank

Fill in the BlankEdit

For this type of question you can input a range of possible correct answers. For example if there are abbreviations commonly used you can include them, with all possible varieties of punctuation - if Saint Peter was the answer, you could allow for St Peter; Saint Peter; and St. Peter.

In the Question Options properties window you can opt to require that the capitalization of the answer be correct.

You can change the length of the "blank" by adding as many underscores _______ as you need.

  In addition if have you the latest Professional Version of Question Writer you can opt to allow some error and to award full or partial marks to students who come close enough. You can specify how close by changing the %error allowed. The default setting is 30%, meaning 3 errors in a 10 letter word or 1 in a 4 letter word.

An error can be one of the following:

  1. Wrong letter (Necessery)
  2. Missing letter (Necesary)
  3. Extra letter (Neccessary)
  4. Two letters switched around (Recieve)
  5. Where case-correct answers are required, switching the case of a letter is also marked as a single error. (washington)

This is set up as part of the Quiz Properties in Question Options.