Quechua/A1/Lesson 1

It is not expected that you'll be able to pronounce Quechua correctly just from reading the last lesson, however as you complete the next lessons it is suggested that you keep going back to the first lesson as a reference. This will hopefully help you internalise the rules.



Following is a possible basic conversation in Quechua:

Antuku: Yaw! Wawqiy! Mayman richkanki?
Joe: Wasiyman richkani. Qanri?
Antuku: Qhatuman richkani. Tupananchiskama!
Joe: Ratukama.


Antuku: Hey! Brother! Where are (you) going?
Joe: (I) am going to my house. And you?
Antuku: (I) am going to the market. 'Till we meet again!
Joe: See you later.



As you can see in the conversation, the verb form "richkanki" is for second-person singular and "richkani" for first-person.

Here we will give an overview of all persons (yachachiy = to teach):

Singular Plural
First yachachini yachachinchis (inclusive)
yachachiniku (exclusive)
Second yachachinki yachachinkichis
Third yachachin yachachinku

These are the personal pronouns.

Singular Plural
First Ñuqa Ñuqanchik (inclusive)
Ñuqayku (exclusive)
Second Qam Qamkuna
Third Pay Paykuna