Python Programming/Setting it up

There are several IDEs available for Python. A full list can be found on the Python wiki.

Installing Python PyDev Plug-in for Eclipse IDEEdit

You can use the Eclipse IDE as your Python IDE. The only requirement is Eclipse and the Eclipse PyDev Plug-in.

Go to and get the proper Eclipse IDE version for your OS platform. There are also updates on the site, but just look for the basic program, Download and install it. The install just requires you to unpack the downloaded Eclipse install file onto your system.

You can install PyDev Plug-in two ways:

  • Suggested: Use Eclipse's update manager, found in the tool bar under "Help" -> "install new Software". add in "work with" click add, and select PyDev ,and click "Next" and let Eclipse do the rest. Eclipse will now check for any updates to PyDev when it searches for updates.
    • If you get an error stating a requirement for the plugin "org.eclipse.mylyn", expand the PyDev tree, and deselect the optional mylyn components.
  • Or install PyDev manually, by going to and get the latest PyDev Plug-in version. Download it, and install it by unpacking it into the Eclipse base folder.

Python Mode for EmacsEdit

There is also a python mode for Emacs which provides features such as running pieces of code, and changing the tab level for blocks. You can download the mode at

Installing new modulesEdit

Although many applications and modules have searchable webpages, there is a central repository for searching packages for installation, known as the "Cheese Shop".

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