Python Beginner to Expert

Python Beginner to Expert
Welcome to Python Beginner to Expert, a free wikitext.

Introducing Python edit

  1. Origins
  2. History
  3. language characteristics, etc.

Structured Python edit

  1. Intro to shell
  2. Intro to IDLE
  3. Words about other development environments
  4. Basic syntax
  5. Built in types
  6. Assignment statements
  7. Arithmetic
  8. Math functions
  9. Lists and dictionaries
  10. Program flow Control statements
  11. iterators
  12. practice problems
  13. Debugging techniques

OOP with Python edit

Tkinter edit

Python for shell scripting edit

  1. String processing (re module)
  2. OS commands
  3. Example scripts
  4. practice problems

Selected modules edit

Python for web programming edit

  1. Example scripts
  2. Practice problems

Survey of web frameworks edit

  1. Django
  2. Zope
  3. flask