Puredyne/Stop-Motion Animation Workshops

I'm not sure if I should be so bold as to enter this, but I thought you would find it interesting...

I have used a number of Puredyne Bootable USB pens to run animation workshops. This allows me to turn any school computer lab, Library or other room full of computers into a Puredyne-powered media-lab for the duration of the event, and then leave, without any software or files remaining on the computers.

So far I have used this to run workshops using ToonLoop and Blender. The results of these workshops are viewable here and here, but this will allow me to run workshops and lessons in a lot of powerful software packages, introducing open-source software to children and adults.

Puredyne allows me to install whatever software I need for the workshop, and collect any work created at the end of the day, to edit into a finished video. The fact that the interface looks very much like a certain operating system (only more elegant) makes it easy for my participants to pick up.

Thank you to Access-Space for their help in setting up my USB pens.