Puredyne/Report Bugs

Reporting problems or suggestions edit

The "launchpad" site is where we keep track of puredyne bugs/questions/feature-requests.

If you find a problem, or have a suggestion for improvement, add an item to the "bug tracker":

Writing a bug report edit

The goal of any bug report is to let a developer know about a defect in his/her software, so s/he can fix it. The key to doing this successfully is to describe the bug is such a way, that the developer can recreate the problem, find the cause and remove the cause to eliminate the problem. Writing clearly and precisely is essential. When you fill in the detailed description part of a new ticket, please keep the following points in mind.

How to describe the issue edit

  • The developer has to be able to recreate the problem you encountered in order to fix it. If you can't sit next to him/her to show what went wrong, the next best thing is to give detailed instructions on how they can make the problem happen.
  • Not every computer is the same, so always include a description of your particular hardware. At least include what brand and computer model you used, and any other relevant hardware. For instance if you had a sound related problem, report what sound card you used.
  • Include the version number of pure:dyne you are using, and if the problem relates to a software, also include the version number of the software.
  • Include complete error messages, if you get any. Don't leave out beginnings or ends, just copy and paste the whole message. These messages provide essential information for the developer.
  • To create a clean bug report, don't try to fix the problem yourself before reporting the problem. Often you make the problem worse or at least harder to describe. So when something goes wrong, freeze and visit the URL above :)
  • If you think you know what is the problem, please include your ideas! But don't forget to still include all other details and error messages related to the bug.
  • Write clearly and precisely (don't forget, you are writing to a programmer ;))