Puredyne/Mount Local Partitions

Mount Local Partitions edit

In pure:dyne the mounting of local partitions is automatic (supported filsystem include FAT16/32, NTFS, HFS+, ext3 and reiserfs). When a partition is mounted a partition, you can read from and write to it. If it is a linux partition, you have to be root to write to it. To prevent trouble later on, only write to a mounted linux partition if you know how to properly change permissions of files

In case you need to manually mount some partitions, here is how to do it:

Using Command Line edit

You can also mount a local partition manually, using the command line. First you must make a mount point. The standard place for mounting storage devices is in /media. Go root and make a mount point like this:

   sudo su
         mkdir /media/my-partition

If you don't know what your partition is called, you can type:

   fdisk -l


This gives you a list of all your partitions, their size, type, etc. Choose the one you want to mount, and mount it like this (replacing sda6 with the name of your partition):

   mount /dev/sda6 /media/my-partition