Puredyne/Mailing list and IRC

User Support edit

pure:dyne Mailing List edit

If you intend to use or need support for any of the tools provided by this project we strongly encourage you to join the pure:dyne Mailing List. You can also check or download the Archives in the original format.

If you are interested in being kept up to date with pure:dyne or any other goto10 projects please join the GOTO10 newsletter.

IRC edit

If you feel lonely booting pure:dyne feel free to join the IRC channel #puredyne on irc.goto10.org. You may be able to get some live help down there, but don't get offended if no one replies! A lot of the people there are connected but not watching their screen, so it might take a while before you get an answer, just be patient :) More about using irc in pure:dyne here

Reporting problems edit

If you are experiencing a problem that is due to a bug or defect in pure:dyne, you can report the problem to us via the ticket system on this site. For information on how to issue a bug report, check out [[Puredyne/Report Bug | how to report a bug].

Workshops edit

If you would like to organize a workshop about puredyne, please visit http://goto10.org/workshops.