Puredyne/Live DJ and Visuals

I used puredyne do DJ and VJ at a local party last new year.

For a setup I had 2 machine running puredyne, one eeepc 701 and one intel minitITX machine. The eeepc was running MIXXX for the dj part, using a ESI U24 XL sound card for the output, and the headphone jack for the pre-mix.

The second machine was running fluxus with an internal ESI Juli@ sound card connected to an external mic that I place in front of the speaker to pick up the audio and send it to fluxus. I could have gone with a more complex, network or osc based transmission of the data, but for the simplicity of my fluxus sketch I didn't need something fancy. This computer was then connected to a projector for the output and keyboard and mice for the live coding part.

So I could Dj from mixxx and the audio was picked up from the fluxus sketch and projected on the wall. The overall setup was quite workable, although the mixing and live coding was a bit overwhelming, (the live coding suffered a lot from the split in my focus). But the hardware/software setup was more than adequate. Since I was using 2 keyboards, 1 for mixing and 1 for live coding, it got a bit confusing, so in the future I will be using a mixer and mouse for the audio, leaving the keyboard for the coding/visuals.

You can watch a short video about the presentation here :http://www.ponnuki.net/2011/01/year-event-fluxus-mixxx/ where my fluxus code is also available.