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Localization & Language projects based on Puppy Linux edit

If you want to know more about the history and contributions by Non-English Puplets to the main English based Puppy you can take a look at the Multi-Language Puppy Linux Wiki Pages

Language Name Size MB Based on Puppy User Description Forum Download Release date
Chinese Chinese Puppy Linux Project,Puppy Linux中文项目,Chinese Puppy, Puppy Linux中文版 116MB 421 Chinese Puppy Linux Project, started in 2007. We provide Chinese Puppy Linux distros, PET Packages and language files for Puppy Linux.

Pet-Packages Puppy Linux in Chinese. Pet-packages

forum iso, isos 07Jun2009
Dutch BrowserLinux 0908 NL 69MB 431 A fast and small linux distribution for surfing the web based on Puppy Linux. If you want an operating system for editing movies, writing letters or printing spreadsheets: don't use Browserlinux. – Web-browser (Firefox 3.5.1 NL) ; – Flash 10 ; – PDF-reader ; – Music Player (Alsaplayer) ; – Asus Eee: wireless tested on EeePC 900 (see BrowserLinux on USB drive). English version: browserlinux.com forum iso Aug2009
French Toutou_Linux_4.3.1 114MB 431 Adaptation francophone d'un système d'exploitation complet, stable et performant déjà existent "Puppy Linux", qui se distingue par sa légèreté et sa capacité à redonner un second souffle, aux ordinateurs un peu anciens. forum iso 04Feb2010
French ludo-éducative ASRI éducation 250MB 700MB 431 Kids/edu Adapted from "Toutou Linux" (which is distinguished by its lightness and ability to give a second life to old computers) provided with very much educational software programs, like Gcompris, Childsplay, etc.

A French project for: 1 pre-school institutions and nursery schools; 2 associations (recreation centers, etc..), 3 individuals (parents, grandparents, etc..). Four different themes (to change with one click) for four different types of users/age categories: kids 3-8 yrs / 6-10 yrs / 10 yrs + / Adults

forum isos 20Sep2010
German puppy-431-de 117MB 431 Puppy 431 in German with XFCE/Opera/Pwidgets, Changes: -Windowmanager= XFCE4, -Datamanager=Thunar, -Webbrowser= Opera 10.1, -Pwidgets added. forum1, forum2 iso for password see forum2 09Nov2009
German (& English) MINISYS-Linux-Muppy008 43MB - 690MB Minisys-Linux (Codename: Muppy) is a very small and fast system with optional German localization. It is based on Puppylinux and Slackware 12.

Versions: - Muppy-Live (690 MB) All important programs are included, that you may expect for a modern desktop system; - Muppy-Mini (128 MB) A massively-reduced miniature system; - Muppy-Server (125 MB); - Muppy-Embryo (43 MB) a micro-system you can extend with external packages.

isos 02Mar2008 
Greek PuppEL v.4.31, PuppEL v.4.31 135MB 431 With kernel, Firefox 3.5.4, file system ext4 support, jwm theme maker, pCD for music cd playback and many players like gxine - Aqualung - mhWaveEdit. Together with Firefox and seamonkey, there is also Puppybrowser. The "assistant network connectivity" translated into Greek. "Boot flash" a new program to take/install your PuppEL everywhere. The best way to install to a hard drive, is frugal - with a simple copy of file-unpacked-iso. forum iso, iso 01Nov2009
Hungarian (& English) Hungarian XP-like Puppy 226MB 431 u xp-like puplet: A new Hungarian puplet is available from the Hungarian community. It is based on the official 4.3.1 Puppy Linux. It also contains Wine 1.1.33 for some Windows programs and Winetricks for Explorer, Direct3d, Total-commander or Irfanview. Also available in English. forum HUN-iso, ENG-iso 22Feb2010
Italian (& English) Edupup 2.00 Beta, Edupup 2.00 Beta 140MB 3.01 Kids/edu After the creation of 'GioveLUG Educational v.1.00' in 2006, which was Puppy Linux 2.11 based, the GioveLUG of Terracina created in 2007 "Edupup 2.00 Beta” a 140 Mb distro based on Puppy 3.01. It should work with 128 Mb ram but it is better to have some swap. It should work also with 64 Mb ram and a big swap partition. Packages: - Firefox rather than Seamonkey; - MPlayer rather than Xine; - GSlapt package manager; - Puppy Software Installer By MU; - Petget Package manager. Packages for kids: - TuxPuck - Funny and simple hockey table game; - TuxMath 1.5.7 - Great game to learn math; - TuxType2 1.5.3 - Learning to type the keyboard; - TuxPaint 0.9.14 - Paint and fun Smile; - TuxPaint-Config 0.0.5; - TuxStamps-2004.10.3; - ChildsPlay 0.90 - A very good suite of learning games;

NB: This is a light version of Edupup without GCompris, Squeak, Exe Learning, Chess games etc... This distro has no active development anymore, please see forum.

old forum, forum iso 12Dec2007
Italian under development, see http://www.italianpuppy.org/, http://xanad.altervista.org/index.html s b u An Italian team always ready to welcome new volunteers. Our aim is to achieve a completely Italian version of Puppy Linux, and be of support to Italian users of this distribution. forum. PUPPY431_xanad-alfa.iso 2010
Japanese ….. s 431 u multilingual f download r
Korean s b u f d r
Portuguese (Brasilian) BigpupBR 143MB 4series u The Brazilian Portuguese distro BigpupBR, based on Puppy Linux, aims to be lightweight, practical, and functional. Februari 2010 will be released BigpupBR v1 codename Iguana. Included programs: VNC, GIMP, INKSCAPE, SKYPE, AMSN, ZNES, FIREFOX356, AUDACITY, WINE ATUALIZADO. forum iso-beta2 2009/2010
Portuguese (Brasilian?) SucciLinux_1-r2 98,5MB ? u SucciLinux/Succibot, in an early stage based on Puppy Linux, now an indipendend distro with own development. The initial goal was only a basis for SucciBot, our main goal now is to create a complete distro, with the help of Brasilian users. The distro works on machines with 96Mb of memory. forum iso Aug2009?
Russian PuppyRus-4.20 112MB 420 u The Puppy-4.20-ru project is based on Puppy-4.20 with kernel One of the main differences from the original, except distinct Russification, is the replacement of the Seamonkey browser for Opera-10. "hot" connection SFS modules. There also will be placed Delta-files, ie difference files between different versions: Useful to those who have limited Internet access. on-line manual, pdf manual (7MB). forum1, forum2 iso, iso, iso, iso 30Nov2009
Spanish Puppy-421es 122,5MB 421 u d official forum iso 01Nov2009
Spanish Molinux Zero s 4.2 u Molinux Zero está basada en Puppy Linux 4.2 y presenta como requisitos mínimos un procesador a 166 MHz, 32Mb Ram + Swap (64Mb Recomendado), unidad CDROM +20x y disco duro. forum iso r
Swedish (&English) Puppy-Exton 200 - 400MB circa 412 Puppy-Exton LXDE v2 2009 in Swedish with kernel and Compiz.

Puppy-Exton LXDE 2009 (221MB) is a remaster of Puppy Linux 4.1.1/4.1.2 Default language is English, but there is support for Swedish, kernel, enhanced support for wireless cards, using LXDE as the desktop interface instead of Fvwm95 (which is standard in Puppy Linux). Other versions: -Puppy-Exton 4.1.2 Mini - Mini System (214 MB); -Puppy-Exton 4.1.2 Maxi - Mini Systems (437 MB) including OpenOffice.org and VLC; -Puppy-Exton Gnome 2009 - Puppy Linux-based dist with Gnome 2.20.3 in Swedish; -Puppy-Exton KDE 2008 Live CD, with KDE 3.5.7 in Swedish; -Puppy Exton-E17 (Enlightenment) a Swedish remaster of Puppy Linux 4.0 Dingo with the extra window managers Enlightenment 16 and 17.

forum, Nordic Forum downloads 2009
Thai SUTinRAM 4.0 190MB 4.0 Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) has developed various distros based on different linuxdistros (e.g. Xubuntu). SUTinRAM 2.0 was build on Puppy linux 2.13, SUTinRAM 4.0 is build on Puppy linux 4.0 for desktop pc (needs 256MB RAM memory) and server (needs 512MB RAM memory). Ability to use Thai language added, detect and mount the CDROM and USB devices, KompoZer as wysiwyg html editor. Some graphical changes (background, icons), Web browser Seamonkey replaced by Firefox (runs more plugins). Local Thai fonts added and Thai language switch installed, Graphic Grub. Server: SSH, Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP. And more. on-line Manual SUTinRAM 4.0 in Thai language forum download 12Aug2008
Vietnamese (& English) Hacao Linux 2009 CE. 321MB 421 u A complete, lightweight OS that runs on low-specification pc. Entire user interface in Vietnamese. After the success of Hacao 4.21 Pro, we made this bilingual Hacao Linux 2009 CE. Switch between VIETNAMESE and ENGLISH with just one click. Full unicode support (English & Vietnamese), OpenOffice with spell-checker, Skype video, Yahoo Chat, Gimp, Stardict, Wine (install Windows applications), Vietnamese typing available in English or Vietnamese environment. Easy connection Windows LAN to share documents. Easy connection network and wireless. Works on: desktop, notebook, netbook, Server (4 core). forum download Jul2009