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Writing systems of Punjabi

We have noted that Punjabi is spoken in Punjab, India as well as Punjab, Pakistan. There are different writing systems on either side of the international border. It is written in Gurmukhi script in India. Gurmukhi is also the official script of Punjabi there. However Shahmukhi script is used to write Punjabi in Pakistan. In this Part we are concerned with Punjabi as written in Shahmukhi script.

Shahmukhi script


Here you will learn the Shahmukhi script for writing Punjabi.


  • Lesson 1: Letters bē to sē
  • Lesson 2: Letters jīm to zāl
  • Lesson 3: Letters rē to zuāt
  • Lesson 4: Letters tōē to gāf
  • Lesson 5: Letters lām to baṛī yē
  • Lesson 6: Vowels a, i, and u
  • Lesson 7: Vowels ā, ī, ē, and ai
  • Lesson 8: Vowels ū, ō, and ū
  • Lesson 9: Extra symbols, punctuation, numerals, explanation for multiple letters for t, s, h, and z
  • Lesson 10: Reading Exercises I
  • Lesson 11: Reading Exercises II

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