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Main contributor


Jaspal Singh, initiated this Wikibook for the benefit of those non-natives who want to learn this fascinating language. He seeks your help and contribution to complete and improve the book, so it can better serve the cause of Punjabi. You can put a comment on his talk page. You can also reach his at jaspalkaler@gmail.com. This Wikibook is based on the knowledge gained from various sources including, but not limited to, the teachers who taught Jaspal Singh at different times. References were also made to many works on the subject. He remains indebted to his teachers and such authors (Dr. Harkirat Singh of Punjabi University deserves a special mention here) whose works were referred to at different stages of development of this Wikibook. No originality is claimed.

Contributions acknowledged


Generous help came from wikibookians Judith - Junesun (talk) and YoshiroShin (talk). Based on the suggestions made by Judith - Junesun (talk) I have completely reworked the Gurmukhi script module of this wikibook, introducing letters one by one and using examples that are familiar to English knowing readers. YoshiroShin (talk) recommended that we should have Shahmukhi script as separate module of this book so that it is easier to search for Punjabi by just typing Punjabi in the search box. He himself wrote some Shahmukhi lessons. Help received from Judith - Junesun (talk) and YoshiroShin (talk) as well as readers is greatly valued and gratefully acknowledged.

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